chocolate thai x cannalope haze | originally released by: DNA Genetics, f4'd and gifted from: AKbeanbrains

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Chocolope was originally bred and released by DNA Genetics - a cross of Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze. The seeds that the plants documented here come from AKbeanbrains who took the original release to the f4 generation and made this line available again. Chocolope is also known as the Thai Mango Haze Original D Line.


tropical,  bright, uplifting aromas. Dried mango fruit leather, ripe mango, over-ripe fruit,  subtle cheesiness in the background. Very appealing on the nose


the aroma translates through to the taste, however the majority of the brightness in the flavor seems to flash off halfway through the joint, and I found the herb to burn a little 'hotter'. Almost a drier resin compared to a more greasy resin texture. Nice flavor, don't get me wrong, but in the two females we found in half a pack of seeds popped, both lacked to hold the flavor throughout the entire smoking experience. To a more novice smoker, this is still some amazing tasting and head-turning herb! Definitely has a unique flavor not found in most faster flowering varieties.


mentally stimulating, then physically relaxing effect. Easy to feel a 'crash' or need for additional uplift after consuming. In our very small sample size and window into this cultivar, I found it to be middle of the road potency-wise. I could certainly feel the effects and enjoy the aroma and flavors, and not be immediately floored. That said, it did leave me wanting for more in the effect dept.


larger,  knobby, airy-er type buds.  Not super dense flowers, but trichome rich.


Chocolope is a unique variety that brings tropical scents and uplifting effects while being a manageable plant to grow. I elected not to keep this variety around due to the lack of potency in the two females we found, however, I certainly feel it is worthy of looking through more seeds of it at a future date. I more than likely plan to do a seed increase on my remaining half pack to hopefully be able to look through a larger population of this variety in the future, as I'm sure there is more neat stuff to be found in this genetic line. Give thanks to AKbeanbrains for increasing the Chocolope and releasing them for sale to the public for others to enjoy.