Giesel x GMO/Dawgwaltz | breeder: Cannavore Selections

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DevilDog is a cross of Giesel (which is Chemdog D x Mass Super Skunk) crossed to a GMO x Dawgwaltz male, created by Cannavore Selections.


the nose reallllly jumps out at you when breaking these flowers apart.  Sharp, skunky, acrid, sour, fueley scents right up front. Without breaking into the buds, the smell in the jars is more of a musky beer, with citrus hoppy notes. Doesn't unleash the sharper Chemdog like terps near as much until broken into.


sour, chemdog, earth on the frontend, followed by a toned-down creaminess factor on the exhale.  Not overwhelmingly gassy/oniony/fuely, but its there and present for sure. Very enjoyable, mouth-coating flavorful smoke with notes of pine and very subtle citrus left behind on the aftertaste. Really satisfying flavors in both of the two females we found, however, I did clearly notice the intensity of the flavor did not last thru to the end of the joint, the last third or so having a more muted flavor.


detectable potency for sure. Changes your tone even halfway thru the joint. In the evenings I've found this variety to be very relaxing and an effective tool to unwind with.  With that said, I've been enjoying this one so much that I've been consuming it at all times throughout the day recently with tremendous results. I initially thought it would be a nighttime only type of herb because of its noticeable potency, but I've found it to still be quite functional and very vibey during the day. Music becomes better, chores become fun and light, the sun seems to shine slightly brighter.


Lime green knobby nuggets that are caked in resin. The finished flower structure almost resembles Sour D. Really nice jar appeal, flowers just begging to be consumed. Even visually you can tell its going to have a greasy texture.


Some tasting notes during sampling include:

The smoke has a great texture and mouth feel.  Inviting to inhale deeply. Really fun to smoke, burns super enjoyably (prob due to its greasier texture).

Doesn't burn too hot or airy because of the greasier nature of the flower. Very pleasant smoking experience.

I enjoy watching the resin ring that forms on the joint as it burns down... grease.