Grateful Glue

grateful glue

gg4 x sunshine daydream | bodhi seeds

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grateful glue

gg4 x sunshine daydream | bodhi seeds


Variety bred by Bodhi Seeds, these were a freebie pack from a promotion and were listed with a note of 'outdoors' - whether that means they were tested outdoors only, or that they perform best outdoors, is unsure to me. Either way this is a cross of the verified GG4 cut from Josey Wales crew crossed to the Sunshine Daydream male created by Bodhi (@plantmoreseeds)


rubber cement, super glue, gas, earth


pineneedles and earth. Satisfying flavor, not just one note


relaxing, calming, wind-down herb without blowing you out of the water with excessive potency


killer jar appeal - the glue leaning phenotype we grew was drenched in trichomes,  nice tight substantial nuggets of lime green dank.  One glance gets even a true head's attention.


Certainly a sad day when the Grateful Glue jars run dry. A nice cultivar to have around for those wanting to wind-down and relax without getting blown away or stuck to the couch. A fantastic, easy to manage plant to grow with a great structure. Supports itself, and the resin is a plenty with this one.