Honey Badger Haze

honey badger haze

Cinderella 99/White Widow x Ms. Universe #10 | breeder: Dynasty Genetics

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Honey Badger Haze was a freebie 5 pack from Dynasty Genetics - a cross of Cinderella 99/White Widow x Ms. Universe #10, resulting in an amazing tropical eqitorial-like variety that smelled and tasted like over-ripe mangos with outer worldly euphoric and motivating effects.


over-ripe mangos, spice, haze


mangos, dried tropical fruit leathers, slightly peppery/spicy


Stimulating, inspiring, and euphoric effects. Up in the head and body, soaring, smile-inducing. Can leave you with a crashy effect on the comedown if the dose is exceedingly high, but with moderate amounts can also be a smooth transition back to the ground. Fun, enjoyable, herb.


Airy, not dense, spear-shaped long 'sativa' (or narrow leaf drug variety) type look to the Honey Badger Haze buds. Bright red hairs, whispy equatorial lookin flowers that come with a psychedelic and vibey ride of an effect.


This is a super special cannabis cultivar. A narrow-leafed tropical type variety that reeks and tastes like over-ripe mangos and features a psychedelically inspiring and uplifting effect. This was the one that got away for us as we weren't able to get a clone of these ladies, however, we did source out a couple more packs of these to try to find this special magic again...  Give thanks to Professor P of Dynasty Genetics for his continued commitment to sharing quality and stable genetics to the community. Another true pleasure of a plant to grow from this established and solid breeder.