Jack Herer x Black Afgoji | breeder: Rising Moon Seeds

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The mother in this cross is the real deal Jack Herer crossed to a Black Afgoji male. Black Afgoji is Black Afghani x Afgoji. Jackfruit was bred in Michigan by RisingMoonFarm in the Manistee National Forest.


2 phenos - one is super bright lemony Jack plus some eucalyptus in there, uplifting just smelling it! Very bright.  The other pheno was dead on grape candy aroma, super grapey.


lemony bright flavor very reminiscent of Jack Herer. The other pheno has a much earthier, grape cough syrup, forest floor type vibe


uplifting, euphoric, and inspiring at the right dose. Good to have a task lined up to work on after consuming this one. I've found at higher doses the effects to be almost racey to the peak then leave me feeling crashed on the comedown. As in any seed hunt, it takes working your way through enough of the finished herb to really get a feel of the effects of each pheno, and what scenario that flower is best consumed in.


Of the three females, the Jack leaner had slightly airier buds with long golden pistils, such a beautiful natural bud structure, most of it was just finger trimmed and left a bit longer because the bud was just asking to stay au natural. The other two females had remarkably denser nuggets and slightly more elongated internodal spacing. The dense flowers were like grape smelling ping pong balls dancing down the main stems, and started to put on a purple tinge at the end of bloom. All three finished plants were beautiful in the jar.


Jackfruit was a breeze to grow and is a highly anticipated one for us to plant outdoors, which is what this line was bred for. Those who sampled the end product agreed that the Jack leaner with the bright lemony eucalyptus expression was the favorite from the bunch. We look forward to revisiting this line in the near future. Give thanks to @risingmoonmedicinals for making this one available.