Lazy Lightning

lazy lightning bodhi seeds

Loompa's Headband x 88g13 Hashplant | Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

Lazy Lightning Bodhi Seeds

lazy lightning bodhi seeds

Loompa's Headband x 88g13 Hashplant | Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

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A Bodhi Seeds creation - the mother in this cross is Loompa's Headband x Bodhi's infamous 88g13 Hashplant male


Mothballs, Earthy, Antique store, skunky musty pine, grandma's attic


Lazy Lightning exhibits a very complex and old school flavor. Hashy, earthy, mothball, incense type smoke that coats your mouth in creamy funkiness. Hints of pine and forest floor can be detected after the exhale. Very satisfying herb. Umami.


Potent and inspiring effects are common with Lazy Lightning. A long-lasting duration of effects, with a pleasant and gradual onset, and smooth come down. This cultivar is capable of changing even the most seasoned smokers tone.  Good conversation and fluid creativity are common side effects after consuming Lazy Lightning.


Very, very dense flowers coated in sticky resin. Plants grow with dense golf ball-like buds dancing down the stems.


Lazy Lightning displays a short flowering time and clones very easily.  A tolerant, strong, and clearly well-bred plant by one of the best in the game, Bodhi Seeds. Lazy Lightning is often one of the first jars gone as it is always sure to get you where you want to be. A dependable, classic tasting, and potent cultivar that could be labeled as a keeper in many gardens. Will get you to where you need to go.


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