old mendo haze x purple mayhem | starting material: GooeyBreeder | seeds made by: NorStar Genetics


organic cannabis reviews


Moonshadow is a colorful cross of Old Mendo Haze x Purple Mayhem. Both parents are from GooeyBreeder, seeds made in northern California by NorStar Genetics.


bright, ultra tropical smell that'll almost sting the nostrils. sharp fruit punch gushers meets lime margarita. new toy plasticy industrial scents in the background


bright lime flavor on the inhale. lighter, fruiter flavor rather than an earthy or fuel like profile. almost melon-type flavors, sweeter haze tones


uplifting and inspiring effects. Dosing is key with this variety, reports of increased productivity and inspiration levels at low to moderate doses. Great morning smoke, proving to be some nice get-stuff-done herb. If not overconsumed, won't leave too noticeable of a crashy effect that is common with other brighter, fruiter profiles similar to Moonshadow.


interesting look that isn't too common in modern day, purple flowers that are airy in consistency, lankier type flowers that are knobby and not very dense.  deep purple hues with bright orange hairs and hints of lime green


a standout variety, we've found this cultivar to be fantastic for writing, piecing together language, connecting ideas, and communicating in general. At the right dose, Moonshadow can be a very effective tool. Ultra tasty smoke, I can smack my lips just typing this... overall, big fans of the Moonshadow.