Space Monkey

space monkey bodhi seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 x Wookie #15 | Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds space monkey gg4 wookie15

space monkey bodhi seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 x Wookie #15 | Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

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A Bodhi Seeds creation, Space Monkey is:  Gorilla Glue #4 x Wookie #15 - [The Wookie15 Male is: Lavender x Appalacia]


Out of four females found, two leaned toward the GG4 side of things smell-wise, meaning a more fuel-based, rubber cement type profile, while the other two females had more of a grapefruit and floral dominant essence.  This cultivar exhibits a good blend of both fuel and floral profiles but overall is dominant in grapefruits and floral notes more than gas. The first and most dominant thing you smell cracking the jar is grapefruit rind.


Three of the four phenos found had a primarily floral tone to the flavor. Detectable grapefruit and lavender based notes were the most dominant in our samplings. One of the four expressions was more toward the mother Gorilla Glue #4, with a more earthy, gassy funk throughout.


A relaxed, oftentimes introspective, and uplifting effect ensues after consuming Space Monkey. A common side effect of this cultivar can be an overwhelming sense of well-being. With that said, this isn't the most potent variety around.  A surprisingly good variety to share with more novice cannabis consumers, as it is not often jittery or overly powerful or anxiety-provoking. A mellow and smiley mood is common after consuming.


Eye-catching looks on the Space Monkey, featuring lime green flowers coated in frost - first impressions are often positive with this one.


Two of the four females that were flowered out were much taller, and had more of a spear-like flower structure to them compared to the other two, squatter and more dense flower formations.  A stable variety that could handle some stress.  Two of four plants had good trichome production, while the other two were middle of the road in the frost department.  Please keep in mind, these opinions and reviews are based on our small sampling of one pack of these seeds, this was not a large scale sift where I am sure you could find some special expressions. Floral, lavender, grapefruit, rose petal, hints of gas. A lighter, more mild smoke, with soothing and uplifting effects commonly experienced.