tangie cannabis

California Orange x Skunk #1 | Breeder: Crockett Family Farms

tangie cannabis flowers

tangie cannabis

California Orange x Skunk #1 | Breeder: Crockett Family Farms

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Tangie stems from a combination of two legendary varieties - California Orange (aka 'Cali O') and Skunk #1, and is a backbone of many orange-flavored breeding projects today.


Sharp and spot-on tangerine smell.


Like biting into the flesh of a tangerine. Other phenos have included tastes of orange push pop creamsicles and fermented orange rind / orange skin taste.


Uplifting, cerebrally focused effect, mentally stimulating. Not ultra-potent herb, but very flavorful. Ideas seem to flow smoother and connections are made quickly. Enjoyable to incorporate with physical activity - muscles and joints seem to work more fluidly, easy to drop into flow-state. Effects sometimes followed by a tired, yawny, mildly crashy come down after exerting mental energy, stimulation, and focus.


Airy buds that appear on the whispier side. Not dense and dripping in trichomes, but is very aromatic and terpene-rich herb. Bright orange haired spear sharped flowers with equally as bright tangerine smells jumping out of the jar.


Tangie is a unique variety of cannabis. Spot on orange/tangerine smell and flavor with mild potency and an uplifting effect. Great cultivar for beginners to understand the spectrum of possible expressions of the cannabis plant. Commonly heard amongst connoisseurs to be easily 'burnt out' on Tangie, citing lack of potency and non-complex, single-noted flavor as a reason for a 'tangie break' being needed from time to time. Certainly unique and easily identifiable herb.