Grape Lime Ricky

grape lime ricky TGA genetics

purple urkle x jack the ripper | breeder: tga genetics

organic cannabis grape lime ricky by tga genetics
grape lime ricky TGA genetics

purple urkle x jack the ripper | breeder: tga genetics

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Grape Lime Ricky is Purple Urkle x Jack the Ripper, the seeds were made by NorStar and released under TGA Genetics.


Smells of bright lemons and a cheesey funk. Strong lime margarita type smells when you grind it up. Crack the jar and get funked out cheesy notes with bright lemon lime zest right in the face. Almost stings the nostrils. Sharp citrus tones with a gorgonzola funk behind it.


Bright lemon on the inhale with a creamy like coating on the exhale. Very tasty smoke, a rarity where the flavor cuts thru and lasts until the very end of the joint or smoking experience. Mouth coating lemon cream flavor that lingers


Fast onset with a soaring, euphoric, energizing effect. If dosing is great enough, it can sometimes lead to an uncomfortably racey effect with a crashy after effect akin to macro dosing caffeine. Novice smokers proceed with caution - this one is very tasty and it's tempting to have too much too fast... she's a creeper and will get ya if you're not careful 🙂  Very enjoyable ride if you know what to expect.


Extreme frost levels and a nose that'll jump out of the jar. Even the fan leaves are triched up to high heaven, mouth-watering jar appeal on this cultivar.


Some of the most unique flower we've grown up to this point. Detectable bright tones from the Jack Herer lineage, extreme trichome coverage, lemon lime cheesy margarita terps, and an amazing mouth coating citrus cream flavor leave the Grape Lime Ricky in high regard in our book.  Fun fact: we shared this herb with Josh and Kelly of Dragonfly Earth Medicine at the 2019 Regenerative Organic Cannabis Conference in Michigan and they enjoyed the smoke! Fun flower to share as it's different from the popular earthy, fuely varieties that have become more common.