Pirate Sweat HP

pirate sweat x 88g13hp

(vintage black afghani x 88g13hp) x 88g13hp | tester seeds made by: Bodhi Seeds (@plantmoreseeds)

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Pirate Sweat x 88g13hp is a 'tester' pack from Bodhi Seeds. Pirate Sweat is a Vintage Black Afghani x 88g13 hashplant.


2 phenos - one was leathery, musky, hashplant - the other, straight catpiss, super acrid, skunk, loud.


coming soon


The potency delivers. So far I've found this variety to be relaxing, full-body effects, everything seems to slow down a bit. Easy to notice tension in the shoulders come down a notch or two shortly after consuming. Personally, I've found this to be a good evening/night time variety.


Dense, golf ball-like flowers that are not short on resin.


overall review coming soon...