Unbroken Chain

unbroken chain

gorilla glue #4 x 3 gorillas | breeder: mycotek organic seeds

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Unbroken Chain is Mycotek Seed's attempt at creating GG4 in seed form - crossing Gorilla Glue to 3 Gorillas which is essentially GG4 x 3 different chemdog crosses from TopDawg. What came out very closely resembles the glue.


rubber cement, gas, garlic, onions  |  chocolate


A chocolatey pheno, and a garlic onion gas pheno


Potent, stimulating yet sedative, relaxing herb. Medicinal mind and body-calming effects. Limbs typically can feel heavier as shoulder tension releases. Stimulates appetite to no end.


Some of, if not the, most resin-coated herb I've experienced. Frosted out in every area of every bud. Jar appeal 12/10. Dripping in trichomes, resembles the original glue in that way.


Impressive, easy to grow herb, that looks and smokes great. High potency, all-around very enjoyable herb. Initially, I thought this was an evening time only varietal, but have come to enjoy this one at any time of the day. The creamy chocolately pheno is smooth, steam-like smoke, that envokes a mellow, meditative vibe - whereas the gassier, garlic onion pheno I've found to lean more toward the inspiring and stimulating side, while still being very medicating and body-relaxing. Always excited when jars are full of this one.